Tuesday 14 May 2013

How to Deactivate a Blog Mobile Template - Blogger

 Deactivating you Blog Mobile Template simply means you are Making your Blog not to show a Blogger Mobile Version. Though that might have been your Opinion on two (2) reasons we think.

1. You're changing your Blogger Mobile Template To Mobstac Mobile Version (Click here to see how to do that)
2. The Mobile Version dosent seems to impress you or dosen't present your Topics well to your Blog Readers.

To do so  you can deactivate your Blog Mobile Template with these four (4) steps.
Step One:   log in to your blogger dashboard and click on "Template".

Step Two: Click on settings icon under "mobile"
 Step Three: Select "No" in the Two Option Given

Step Four: After Clicking "NO" (Show desktop template on mobile devices.)" click "SAVE".

Whats your Opinion on this? Kindly Share with us what you feel by using the comment box below.

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