Monday 9 July 2012

How to get 500 twitter followers without following

 Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting. Simply find the accounts you find most compelling and follow the conversations.
Here i can teach you how to get more than 100 twitter followers in a day and without following a person.

Steps to set more followers
i. Create a new twitter account.or click here to do so
Note: the new twitter account is gonna be used as a traffic to get you more followers.
ii. in your browser open a new tab and log into Add me fast Account or  sign up if you don't have an account.
iii. after signing-up, click on the Add Site/Page and add the twitter account in which you want more followers.
Note: When adding the account the twitter account must be the one which you want more followers, and not the new one you just created.
So when setting your CPC (Cost Per Click) don't let it to be above 3 points

iv. so after adding the twitter account in which you want to get more followers, now go to the home page and click on free points, or twitter followers.

Note: Remember that you must log in with the new twitter you just created cos that's the traffic to earn you more followers,  after signing up you are been given 100 points as a sign-up bonus then automatically you will have 20 followers. and also remember to use their referrals link cos that's also earns yous 200 point per referrals bonus and if you are able to get 10 referrals a day then you have 2000 points, then with the point you earn from following then you gonna have above 500 twitter followers a day.

iv. Follow people as much as you like to earn more points and so the more you follow people the more point you have and the more followers you get. Foristance if you set your CPC as 3 and you are able to follow 100 people in a day then you have more than 120 followers cos some set their CPC as (8,7,6) points and also your referrals gets you more point so try to link their referrals link in your Facebook page or other places which you think they can click most especially in forums.

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