Tuesday 14 May 2013

Change your Blogger Mobile Template To Mobstac Mobile Version


You might have been using mobstac or want to star using it, But Firstly you have to know that mobstac can be used to power the mobile version of your blog because it will allows you to display custom ads (i.e Google Ads, Addynamo) to readers on your blog using mobile browsers or other browsing applications that work with mobile.

If you're monetizing your blogger blog with Google Adsense and have activated the blogger mobile template, or you are the type that your readers on your blog uses a browser application like "Opera browser", kindly know that your ads will not show to your readers visiting your blog with mobile browsers or applications. Just imagine how much revenue you will be losing if high percentage of your mobile traffic uses "opera browser".

Hence, if you want to be making more revenue from your mobile traffic especially those that access your blog with opera brower, you have to use mobstac and ensure they only see the mobstac version of your blog and not the blogger-powered mobile site.

If you want your blog readers to see your mobstac site instead of the blogger mobile template whenever they access your blog on their smartphones, all you just need to do is to add the mobstac redirection code to your blogger html and deactivate the blogger mobile template.

For you to add the mobstac code to your blog's html, you must have an approved mobstac account and you must have set up "m" subdomain for the mobstac site eg m.gaoba.com. Hence, if you are still using "www.yoursite.blogspot.com", you will have to change your ".blogspot.com" to ".com" to get started. Kindl;y Visit a hosting Company to set up a custom domain for your blogger blog or contact us if you don't know how to get it done.

Tips: See our Post on How to Deactivate a Blogger Mobile Template .

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