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Recover lost data from any storage

As some of the technical and other reasons, sometimes, lost data cannot be recovered completely. M3 data recovery products, based on the best data reduction technology, as much as possible to help you recover lost data. Before restoring the data, understand how more data recovery and recovery techniques. Click here for data recovery principles

Step 1 : Get Data Recovery Hunter

If you have already installed the M3 Data Recovery Hunter, ignore this step. If not, click here to download the software ,then complete the installation.

Step 2 : Start data recovery

Click the shortcut "M3 Data Recovery Hunter" on the destop,or click the shortcut in start menue "Start Menue\M3 Data Recovery Hunter\M3 Data Recovery Hunter" to start the program.
Home view of M3 Data Recovery Hunter
Home view of M3 Data Recovery Hunter

Step 3 :Select recover mode

M3 Data Recovery Hunter provides "Quick Scan" and "Full Scan" two recovery modes.
Full Scan    ----- If data loss is too fragmented, or loss of data locations do not determine overall scan mode we recommend that you use to restore data.
Quick Scan ----- In the case of you know the exact location of the missing data, we strongly recommend that you using the quick scan mode to recover data, which can give you more accurate results and cost you less time.

Step 4 : Select device to recover data

In "Full Scan" mode, you'll get a view of this.Check the partition(s) that the lost data in to start recover the lost data.
Select partition view of M3 Data Recovery Hunter
Full scan view of M3 Data Recovery Hunter
In "Quick Scan" mode, you'll get a view of this.Double click to select one or more recovery path to find your lost data.
Note:The root note can't be select as a recover path.
Select partition view of M3 Data Recovery Hunter
Quick sacn view of M3 Data Recovery Hunter
Then click "Search" button to start data recover on your selected source device. Some minute later, you'll get your data back.
Note:You can select one or more directory or partiton to find your lost data if you can't remember where it it.

Step 5 : Select file(s) to recover

On the source data recover device, a lot of files will be found.Include the files what are not you expected.
At this time, you can input the key words about your expect file into the search edit to filter the search result.The keywords can be a part of the filename or the file extention(such as input ".jpeg" to filter the jpeg format images).
Then check the files in the search result to recover your lost data.
Select partition view of M3 Data Recovery Hunter
Recover result view of M3 Data Recovery Hunter

Step 6 : Select a path to restore files

If the files you expected have found. Congratulations! Now, check them, and select a path to store them. We strongly recommand suggest you that do not put the recover file on the source device where the lost data is. Other lost data will be dameged by this operation.

Step 7 : Complete the recovery

Now everything is OK. Click the "Recover" button to recover your lost files. Then you'll get back them.
After the data is recovered, we strongly recommand you backup them, and backup your important data.

Other cases

If your lost data have not found. Please try the "Full Scan" mode.
If the lost data have not found yet. Please contact us: tanimowom@gmail.com


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