Monday, 20 August 2012

How to convert 1GB to 2Gb

Skymedi Fix 2GB Capacity
·         Ever wondered about this? You can make your 1 GB memory card into 2 GB!This is a application that can convert your 1 GB memory card into a 2 GB card! Believe! Thats true. You can use it easily.
·         after downloading all you have to do is to foolow the steps in installing a device and when through with that then insert the drive you are upgrading then follow the steps indicated in the menus then after through then follow the neccesary steps.
·         steps to follow:
·         1. close the programme
·         2. eject the drive
·         3.restart the system in use
·         4. then insert back the drive
·         5.format the memory card
·         6. check the size of the drive
·         >Note that it supports only 1 GB cards!
·           if you are unable to complete the process or having a problem before or after the operations then post you problem in the comment box then your probs will be solve happy blogging.
·         Type: .exe(SFX)
Size: 200 KB
Passcode: techforever
ON: Mediafire.com
Original thread
·         to get the device software:
·                                                                              click here to download 
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