Saturday, 25 August 2012

How to boot from USB drive

This tutorial shows you how to set your computer boot from USB drive. There are some differences such as Entry Key and menu options in various BIOS model and computer model, but the key steps of boot sequence setup are the same.
Key steps:
1. Press BIOS Entry Key to access BIOS setup utility.
2. Open boot option.
3. Select the USB drive as the first boot device.
Here we take PhoenixBIOS setup utility for example.
Step 1: Press F2<Entry Key> immediately and repeatedly after powering on, until BIOS setup screen appears.
  hpoenixbios entry key
Step 2: BIOS setup screen appears, screenshot shown as below:

Step 3: Use ←/→ key to select Boot menu,and press ↑/↓key to select boot device.
   phoenix bios
  Step 4: Use +/- key to move Removable Devices item to the first site.
   phoenix bios boot from cd-rom
Step 5: Press F10 to save the setting and Exit. At following message tip, insert USB boot disk, press Enter to go on, and computer will boot from USB drive later.


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