Saturday, 7 July 2012


Motivation according to GaOba“is the stimulation received by an individual that can pushed him into a given action”. It is the catalyst that takes the individual away from point of inertia to point of action.  motivation as a term that refers to a process that elicits controls and sustains certain behaviour”. It can said to be internal and external factors that stimulates desires and energy in people to be continually interested in and committed to a job, role, or subject and to exert persistent effort in attaining a goal.
The above scenarios points to the fact that motivation is the bedrock for any meaningful devotion to work in the work place. If you are adequately motivated then your output level will definitely increase. Motivation may be rooted in a basic need to minimise physical pain and maximise pleasure. From the definition above, there must be a force that is responsible for someone to be motivated, this is the drive. This is what moves people to do some things in other to get their dreams achieved.
Workers complain that their employers are not doing enough in the area of motivation. They need a force to push them to their best in the discharge of their work. The workers hinged their belief on Victor Vroom Expectancy theory. This state that the employee’s motivation is an outcome of how much an individual wants
a reward (Valence), the assessment that the likelihood that the effort will lead to expected performance (Expectancy) and the belief that the performance will lead to reward (Instrumentality). In another way, put it that the intensity of a tendency to perform in a particular manner is dependent on the intensity of an expectation that the performance will be followed by a definite outcome and on the appeal of the outcome to the individual.
The employers are of the opinion that the average  worker is interested in only his salary and cannot be trusted for high productivity without close supervision. This school of thought by  employer seem to be true but I will stick with the  workers opinion. The employers opinion is the theory X. The theory X by the employers implies that  workers are individuals who dislike work and avoid it where possible, they people who lack ambition, dislike responsibility and prefer to be led. This mind set of employers have made management to devise policy that will create a system of coercion, control and punishment. This process will not give workers room to give their best as they are already being looked with disdain because of management usage of theory X
Having known where employers and employees r saying, my stand is that employees are saying the truth because if they are well motivated they will give their very best. A cursory look at workers in Africa will surprise you to see that African workers give their best no matter what they are being paid. It does not mean there are no bad eggs among them. Take a look at teachers, they are not extremely motivated yet we still see intelligent students passing national/international examinations with good grades. This shows that with a little more motivation from employers, teachers will do better. Another instance is the  police. Even though they are poorly remunerated, we still see/hear their brave actions in combating crimes daily not minding the risk involve. Imagine if they are well paid like our senators what will be their output?


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