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Computer is a device that accepts data, stores data, processes data as desired, retrieves the stored data as and when required and prints the result in desired format. Computer is an electronic device that can perform a variety of operations in accordance with a set of instructions called programme. It is a fast data processing electronic machine. It can provide solutions to all complicated situations. It accepts data from the user, converts the data into information and gives the desired result. Therefore, we may define computer as a device that transforms data into information. Data can be anything like marks obtained in various subjects. It can also be name, age, sex, weight, height, etc. of all the students, savings, investments, etc., of a country. Computer is defined in terms of its functions.

Characteristics of computer
A Computer is better than human being. It possesses some characteristics.
These are as follows:

It can access and process data millions times faster than humans can. It can store data and information in its memory, process them and produce the desired results.
It is used essentially as a data processor. All the computer operations are caused by electrical pulses and travels at the speed of light.
Most of the modern computers are capable of performing 100 million calculations per second.

Computers have very large storage capacity. They have the capability of storing vast amount of data or information. Computers have huge capacity to store data in a very small physical space.
Apart from storing information, today’s computers are also capable of storing pictures and sound in digital form.

The accuracy of computer is very high and every calculation is performed with the same accuracy. Errors occur because of human beings rather than technological weakness; main sources of errors are wrong program by the user or inaccurate data.

A computer is free from tiredness and lack of concentration. Even if it has to do 10 million calculations, it will do even the last one with the same accuracy and speed as the first.

Computer can perform wide range of jobs with speed, accuracy, and diligence. In any organization, often it is the same computer that is used for diverse purposes such as accounting, playing games, preparing electric bills, sending e-mail and so on.

Computers are being used as powerful communication tools. All the computers within an office are connected by cable and it is possible to communicate with others in the office through the network of computer.

Processing Power
Computer has come a long way today. They began as mere prototypes at research laboratories and went on to help the business organizations, and today, their reach is so extensive that they are used almost everywhere. In the course of this evolution, they have become faster, smaller, cheaper, more reliable and user friendly.


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